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A streak came filtering through the French window. The crimson rays came with a time stamp. It was almost dusk. Rishabh took his eyes off the blue screen and looked up at the basil plant nestled carefully at the support on his extended French windows. Calling that a balcony will be a misnomer in any other city, except Mumbai.

Another day is about to pass. It has been almost 4 months and he has seldom gone out of his home. The routine of working from home, doing household chores, and watching updates on the Pandemic has started getting on his nerve.

An outgoing, extrovert person who loved to meet his colleagues at work and friends outside, felt imprisoned in his own house. This was perhaps the story of every human on the planet when the Pandemic struck.

With the same dejected feeling of having nothing do in the evening, Rishabh went back to work. He was going through his emails when his eyes ventured towards a fresh notification. An HP Radar contest notification.

Curious, he opened the mail to check its contents. As he clicked the link, an internal portal he hadn’t noticed earlier, popped up. He was pleasantly surprised to find the various posts his colleagues and friends had posted on an Insta-like platform created for internal employees.

Determined to post something, Rishabh decided to go with the trend of making Dalgona Coffee. Soon after he posted, after his post was approved by the moderator he started receiving likes and comments from his friends and colleagues. A smile appeared on his face as he felt connected. Connected to his colleagues and friends whom he dearly missed due to the lockdown.

With the long periods of lockdown during the first and second waves of the Pandemic, many employees felt disconnected due to lack of human interaction on a daily basis. It was a challenge for the Corporates as well to pass on critical information and keep the Company culture alive and thriving. HP Radar came as a boon to HPCL which helped in connecting the employees beyond their official work. It gave them a platform to express their personal side of their lives.

In order to make the portal interesting, engaging and popular amongst the employees, regular competitions were organized on various themes viz., Share the Love, Rewind, Home Chef, Wonders from Home, Aghaaz, Humare Ganesha, Spread the Light, etc. Since its launch just before the Pandemic, the portal witnessed immense love and support from HPites. It saw thousands of participants were employees from all walks of lives and strata participated enthusiastically. Since its launch it has registered than 2500 posts. Through these contests, Team Public Relations and Corporate Communications (PRCC) has acknowledged and recognized more than 250 participants and winners till date. It is part of the many tools employed by Team PRCC that helps in building a robust organizational culture in HPCL.

Organizational culture is conventionally defined as the ensemble of beliefs, assumptions, values, norms, artifacts, symbols, actions, and language patterns shared by all members of an organization. In this view, culture is thought to be an acquired body of knowledge whose interpretation and understanding provide the identity of the organization and a sense of shared identity among its members. This approach assumes clarity and organization wide consensus among members and discounts ambiguity.

Internal communications is all about promoting effective communication among people within an organization. It involves producing and delivering messages and campaigns on behalf of management, as well as facilitating a dialogue with the people who make up the organization.

In a lot of ways, the primary role of internal communications is to help make the company culture manifest. If done well, the Internal communications strategy will bring workplace culture to life. If done poorly, it’ll leave your people scratching their heads.

Even after the lockdown has been relaxed and daily operations are inching towards normalcy, HP Radar continues to bring workplace culture to life. Kudos to HP Radar, now you know that the person sitting next to you is an artist or a singer or a great chef. It gives you more topics to talk and helps one bond on a personal level. This helps in building camaraderie and enhances teamwork. This also brings a sense of personal connection between HPCL and its employees as one feels like a part of a giant family where you get appreciated not only for your work but also for your talent!

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