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The knock on the door brought Kamala out of her thoughts she quickly put out the stove to rush and open the door. I could have lowered the flame to simmer”, muttered Kamala to herself while opening the latch. The HP Gas Stove was a new addition to her kitchen and she was still getting used to cooking on it. Years of struggle to bring firewood and living under a cloud of black smoke have dissipated with the on-coming of this little wonder and it has become a beloved part of her family in no time.

Mohan’s eyes drooped in disappointment as he looked into the eyes of his wife, Kamala who was searching for a ray of hope. Once a handsome young man, Mohan has aged dramatically fast in the last few months and looks way older than 35. What years of hard labor under the sun could not do, months of unemployment has done. The bright smile under the dark skin is a thing of past. Sadness and disappointment written on his face, Kamala understood that he has returned without finding any work, again.

Don’t worry, we will manage”, half consoling herself as she brought a glass of water for her husband, whom she knew was struggling to get work in this Covid-19 induced restriction. Since the restrictions began, there was hardly any work for a daily wage earner and it has been a heady task to manage the household with the meager savings.

Kamala knew that soon she would have to let go of her dear HP Gas stove and get back to collecting firewood in the nearby forest. The thought of resorting back to that life shuddered her to the core. Just when all doors of hope were getting shut, she thought she saw the faint figure of Ajay Bhai approaching, with a cylinder on his shoulders.

I don’t have the money to pay you for the refill, Ajay bhai’, said the distraught Kamala to the HP Gas delivery personnel Ajay. Its free! Just keep it’, said Ajay as he explained that under PMUY, HPCL will be providing free refills to all PMUY Customers under a scheme of MoPNG*

Kamala could not believe her ears and tears of joy erupted. Ajay also told Mohan to go to the nearest HPCL Retail Outlet where essential commodities like rice, pulses, medical kits etc, were being distributed free of cost to the needy. Wearing his PPE Kit, Ajay went about delivering more cylinders in the neighborhood, a beacon of hope in these disastrous times.

Like Ajay, thousands of Corona Warriors worked tirelessly during the restrictions to bring essential services to a country, disrupted by Covid-19. Dedicated to the motto of Delivering Happiness, our HPCL Corona Warriors kept the wheels of life and economy rolling.

HPCL has learned to adapt to the challenges posed by COVID-19 quickly and implemented a series of measures backed by the induction of a culture that spells positive change to ensure that our business continues to function seamlessly.

Business continuity was extremely important as we supply the fuel that runs the Country and it left us with no alternative but to operate our Refineries, Depots, LPG Plants, Pipeline Stations, Retail Outlets, LPG Distributorships etc. while following all movement restriction norms imposed due to the Pandemic.

Our Refineries at Mumbai, Vizag, Bathinda (JV) and Mangalore (JV) and Pipeline Stations of more than 3000 km long cross-country pipelines ensured 24 X 7 operations by implementing innovative shift rotation techniques to operate with skeletal manpower and strict implementation of Covid-19 protocols ensuring highest levels of safety. Lockdown increased consumption of Domestic LPG demand, which led us to operate our LPG plants beyond their usual timings. Braving the odds our officers and staff worked tirelessly to ensure that the supply is always there to meet the demand.

Even though the demand of Petrol and Diesel was less but to ensure supply to essential services vehicles like Ambulances, HealthCare workers, and Trucks supplying essential commodities, all our Retail Outlets were operated following COVID-19-appropriate social behaviors.

To support our frontline workers working at our installations, LPG distributorships and Retail Outlets; Rs 5 Lakh ex-Gratia scheme is being provided as an added protection during the Pandemic. Help like Sanitation Kits, Immunity Kits, Essential Food Items, and PPE kits etc. were provided to workers/truck drivers to prepare them better to fight this crisis.

Measures such as robust and continuous communication with all employees, especially with location in charge of 24X7 Operating locations, Talks to boost the morale by Top Officials, employing external health partners along with an in-house medical team to organize COVID-19 readiness, etc were deployed to keep the workforce safe and engaged.

Apart from this during the pandemic, all the locations of HPCL, Retail Outlets, and LPG Distributorships went beyond their call of duty to help the poor and needy in and around their locality, especially the migrant workers with food, shelter and medical kits in this hour of crisis.

HPCL also participated in Govt. of India’s massive Covid-19 Awareness campaign by spreading the message of Covid-19 appropriate social behaviour by putting up hoardings across all the Retail Outlets, LPG distributorships and other locations. More than one and half crore SMSs were sent and more than 1.2 crore customers were educated by word of mouth. Massive usage of social media was carried out to educate the general public.

HPCL also contributed Rs 120 crore to PM Cares Fund and its employees, voluntarily contributed Rs 6.31 crore from their salary.

To counter the deadly second wave, HPCL took many initiatives to help the authorities fight the Pandemic. From supplying oxygen by providing Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Oxygen plants, to cold chain equipment for the Vaccination drive and to financial support for Covid Care centres with beds and ICU Ventilators, HPCL has taken many steps to help society. HPCL is also engaged in actively vaccinating its employees through various camps across the country to fight the pandemic.

HPCL’s Corona warriors are defying the odds of the pandemic, finding ways and means to turn up to duty and delivering their very best. Ensuring that the engine of this great Country never stops Like Kamala and Mohan, all the citizens have access to Energy, which is quintessential for a healthy and happy life.

HPCL…Delivering Happiness!

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