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From the Patron’s Desk

Dear Readers of HR Vista,

This edition's theme of this unique e-magazine, "Embracing Change & Fostering Transformation", has pushed me to my writing desk. Well, that's not because I am a prolific writer, but here is a subject that has been very close to my heart, especially as I see myself as India's leading energy company's Chief Happiness Officer.

Like most corporate disciplines, Human Resources has been undergoing a continuous transformation in reach, purpose and efficacy. And this transitioning nature, which has been more pronounced amidst the New Normal, augurs well for the profession. Imagine a world of Cricket that has only Test Cricket and concepts like One Day Internationals. T20s, White Balls, Coloured Dresses, and Power hitting are non-existent. That world of Cricket would not only be colourless but also low on impact and reach.

Let me share a few perspectives on this evolved nature of modern HR that I hope will resonate with you. Firstly, let's keep reminding ourselves that the vital purpose of HR is to build organizational resilience in this era of technological volatility, global uncertainties, and socio-economic complexities. Secondly, to achieve that goal, the most incredible tool in the repository of HR is empathy. Today, we must look through the lens of empathy to validate every business action. HR has to undertake proactive initiatives to resolve day-to-day work-life issues, conflicts, family issues, depression, financial or emotional problems. Thirdly, The onus is on HR to be well conversant with the revenue model, business strategies, and future opportunities. Or as I say in simple terms, "Know your business, Know your business, Know your business".

Let me underline that an organization can harness empathy and stay resilient only when its people continuously learn. So we must focus on nurturing a learning organization where every individual is constantly enriching themselves while pursuing business excellence. And to build higher competencies, highly interactive learning content and seamless digital support is the need of the day.

As we move towards imagining a post-pandemic era, we must gauge the impact of our altered mindsets on our future. Hierarchy driven Management systems based on bureaucratic control will no longer be effective. Humane imperatives will drive the workplaces of tomorrow, and as per the Workforce of the Future White Paper, 3-Es will be crucial.

Enhancing the Employee Experience.
Establishing Metrics for Valuing Human Capital.
Embedding Diversity and Inclusion.

As you see, all these factors focus on the summit end of Maslow's Pyramid. The crux is we must aim for a workplace that empowers its members to self-actualize. The sentiment is echoed by Deloitte Human Capital Trends Report that states how organizations are becoming social enterprises. The new era will see a transition from profitability to purpose. For instance, the mere robustness of the Balance Sheet is not enough. It becomes our social, moral and business responsibility to align our business interests with the SDGs of the United Nations that the whole world has acknowledged. To put it simply, we must stay focused on enhancing employee experience at every level. And for that to happen, let us ensure that we prioritize employee well-being at all times. Taking a holistic approach to employee experience can result in a strong ROI. So please help your employees take care of their well-being so that they remain fit and produce better work as a result.

Finally, let me underline the criticality of creating more and more experiential benefits for our employees. The reasons employees stay with a company are shifting away from higher compensation and towards things like the opportunity to grow professionally. Career development, a sense of belonging, and meaningful work are the key factors influencing employee commitment.

wish all the readers of HR Vista a great reading experience!

Keep learning, Keep growing!

With Regards,

Ranjan Kumar Mohapatra, Director (HR), IndianOil

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