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Dear Readers of HR Vista,

Like a flowing river, vibrance and unhindered flow are the signs of a healthy culture. Since the dawn of civilisation, the most enduring cultural practices have emerged out of human curiosity and propensity to embrace change. Language, beliefs, aesthetics, and attitude - waves of change have constantly challenged their status quo, and the most refined cultural ethos has emerged out of the unlikely implosions. Devastating wars have given way to the most robust ethical codes, the greatest natural catastrophes have inspired the most sustainable approaches, and the most telling failures have inspired the most excellent winning strategies. That is how human cultural greatness has evolved.

Let me take a poetic detour and share Rabindranath Tagore's priceless words in this regard:
"When old words die out on the tongue,
new melodies break forth from the heart;
And where the old tracks are lost,
New country is revealed with its wonders".

So, to reiterate, Cultural progress is like a phoenix tale- the grind of time will reduce the best of our practices to ashes and out of those shambles, greater hopes and aspirations will rise. Corporate Culture is no exception, and even at our workplaces, today's best practices must face the most stringent scrutiny tomorrow. As HR practitioners, our role is to place our ears on the rail tracks of the future and sense the sweet tremors of the train of upcoming changes.

I often remind my HR colleagues that we must not see ourselves as gatekeepers of norms and custodians of rulebooks. On the contrary, we must see ourselves as facilitators of change. That's the finest way to unlock true human potential. And, as change agents, our values, organisational and individual, are the most incredible resources we have. Are our values sensitive to human follies? Are our values empathetic enough to let an innovator aim for the moon even when the chances of failure are high? Do the values we espouse as an organisation align with national commitments and global priorities? In short, are our values humane enough to unleash true human potential - that's the answer the best HR professionals must continuously seek.

This edition of HR Vista is thus touching upon a topic that should be central to the HR fraternity's thought process, and I am confident our readers would find substantial food for thought from the well-curated list of articles.

Before concluding, I must also thank our readers for showering all the love for our first year. We are taking confident strides, and your feedback, encouragement, and criticism will be our greatest asset as we move forward.

Happy browsing!

Ranjan Kumar Mohapatra
Director(HR), IndianOil

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