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It factor- a heady combination of confidence, poise, and authenticity that convinces the stakeholders they are in the presence of someone who's going places. Executive presence is not just a measure of performance. You have reached a certain level, so competence and functional expertise are assumed.

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I remember the first time I was being interviewed for the Operations leader role. The company had its office in Indore and I was flying from Delhi leaving my family and a job of 10 years to understand the role, discuss the job, and its deliverables, with Satish, the HR site leader.

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The knock on the door brought Kamala out of her thoughts as she quickly put out the stove to rush and open the door. I could have lowered the flame to simmer", muttered Kamala to herself while opening the latch. The HP Gas Stove was a new addition to her kitchen and she was still getting used to cooking on it.

Employee Relations

Since the arrival of the Covid19 Pandemic, the industrial landscape in India has been witnessing unprecedented changes in respect of carrying out business processes differently. The virus at its onslaught, not only crippled the Nation but also threatened Industrial communities and its stakeholders

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Dear Readers of HR Vista,

Dry numbers or mere spreadsheet analysis would not get us close to the ethos that drives the Human Resource fraternity. HR is about a firm action-oriented focus, but it is also about putting an arm around the shoulder at times. HR is about leveraging data analytics for precise decision-making, but it is also about instinctive brilliance. HR is about rigorous adherence to discipline, but it is also about encouraging out of the box thinking and risk-taking. And HR Vista aims to capture this beautiful balance that makes HR Workspace one of the most vibrant corners within modern corporate premises.

Quite literally, Vista means a 'Pleasing View'. And that, in a very simplistic way, captures the very essence of this web magazine. We intend to leverage the extensive and empathetic HR focus of energy PSUs in the country to create a wellspring of knowledge that is enriching for the mind and pleasant for the heart. Through this e-offering, we intend to create a portal that allows the osmosis of pathbreaking ideas and inspirations within the PSU HR practitioners. In fact, we also intend to explore best-in-class content from industry-beyond-PSEs, academia and even in Media in the days to come.

We also intend to build awareness and nurture an analytical approach on issues of national importance, including statutes, orders, policy decisions and trends which have a bearing on the HR landscape. More importantly, HR Vista aims to strengthen the synergy between the PSU HR community through collaboration and engagement. This will be a two-way communication portal. While we would disseminate knowledge, we also seek suggestions from the entire HR fraternity in India and else were. And of course, stories of resilience, courage, creativity, and flexibility will be shared regularly to bring human strengths to the forefront.

HR is about touching the hearts through meaningful outreaches. HRiday se HR Vista shall aim to do the same.

Happy browsing!

Ranjan Kumar Mohapatra, Director (HR), IndianOil

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