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Dear Readers of HR Vista,

As we all know, this fast-paced era has brought a world of conveniences and technological marvels. However, it has also made people more susceptible to various lifestyle diseases. Stress levels are rising, affecting people's physical and mental health worldwide, and triggering multiple psychological challenges. The sudden transition to the new normal has exacerbated these stress-related issues. Without timely and appropriate interventions, these psychological and emotional challenges can escalate into complications that impact wellness, work-life balance, and performance. Thus, I must commend the editorial team of HR Vista for bringing out an issue on mental health at the workplace. I believe sharing best practices such as these may bring about positive cultural shifts in the Indian HR fraternity.

At IndianOil, we have been focusing on developing a robust system to handle employees' physical health issues. We have provisions like nominated hospitals, corporation doctors, and part-time doctors to provide support in this regard. Intensifying our focus on mental health, we launched the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) to support and guide employees in dealing with issues that could adversely affect their well-being and impact their on-the-job performance. I believe HR Vista would be the apt platform to facilitate the dissemination of best practices like the EAP can bring about positive cultural shifts in the Indian HR fraternity.

As Aristotle said, "It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light." The onus is on Team HR to help our teammates look towards light amidst the gloom. And that can be done when we prioritize mental health and create a supportive work culture.

I believe this edition of HR Vista will be a resounding acknowledgement on behalf of the Indian HR fraternity that sustained business success will depend on how we rise above disruptions through a human-centric focus.

In this edition of HR Vista, we have brought together diverse perspectives and experiences on the theme of mental health at the workplace, which I am sure will nourish your mind and soul. Whether you are an HR professional, a manager, or an employee, there is something in it to inspire, inform and motivate you to take action on mental health in your workplace. If the ideas and thoughts shared here to provoke some workplace transformation for you, we would be delighted.

Happy browsing!

Ranjan Kumar Mohapatra
Director(HR), IndianOil

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