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The definition of a leader, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is straightforward: ‘A person who has commanding authority and influence’. The Business Dictionary is more specific, it includes establishing and realising a clear vision, coordinating conflicting interests and thinking...

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HR will play a center stage role in leading growth and transformation. HR will be partner rather than back office staffing function. Digital and Agile HR is crucial for futuristic HR. Businesses need to integrate HR function and align HR process with technological advances. Redefine...

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The concept of the workplace has transformed drastically since the outbreak of the pandemic, possibly forever. The characteristics that were earlier positioned to define a great & innovative workplace have vanished in the last 18 months. Today, COVID has added new dimensions to the offerings...

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I Imagine that you are walking and suddenly a genie pops out. Genie says I have been waiting for you; I am so impressed with you as a human being that I want to help you by transforming you into a super hero. Now you have a choice to make as genie says that you to decide what color...

From the Patron’s Desk

Dear Readers of HR Vista,

Green greetings to you! We recently celebrated the 50th World Environment Day that revitalised our resolve to protect #OnlyOneEarth. But often, the discussion of green stays restricted to plants, soil, sea, rocks and every other element that shelters our lives on earth. We rarely talk about organisational green instincts. We dedicate thesis after thesis and session after session to deliberating on massive endeavours that could change the world in greener ways. But, we often ignore tiny action points that could emerge if Organisations train their teams to reorient their instincts on environmental subjects.

Let me share an instance. I often see commendable green events hosted by ecology conscious organisations where leaders devote themselves to elaborate plantation drives. That's wonderful and truly inspirational. But the very next day, some of these people will reach their office desks and print presentations that they could have easily reviewed on their Tablets or PCs. And that is how a lot of great intent gets watered down to rhetorics.

That is why we need a paradigm shift in organisational mindsets to churn out small actions consistently to usher in enduring green changes. After all, Big organisations are the catalysing forces fueling the global green agenda. And to add a tinge of green to the mindsets of teams, you need to uphold a sustained focus on Green HRM practices. The HR function is central in selecting and promoting environmentally aware candidates into leadership positions and can develop and implement companywide pro-environmental performance indicators and evaluation systems. In such a context, we have to immediately build momentum around Green HRM. Not shortly, not tomorrow; we must formulate our action plans today.

I am delighted that this edition of HR Vista has shifted its focus to Green HRM. I am sure our authors will revitalise the readers' minds with their green insights and action points. More importantly, I believe that HR Vista will inspire Greener thought momentum amongst the Indian HR fraternity even beyond this edition.

Happy browsing!

Ranjan Kumar Mohapatra
Director(HR), IndianOil

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