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Dear Readers of HR Vista,

In the engaging world of Human Resources, HR Vista Magazine stands out as a unique platform driving innovation and igniting transformational conversations. I extend my hearty commendations to the editorial team for their tireless efforts in curating engaging and thought-provoking content that inspire transformation, not only among HR professionals but all readers alike.

HR Vista plays a vital role in capturing the essence of our industry, providing a platform for knowledge-sharing, innovation, and growth. It serves as a catalyst for transformation, enabling HR professionals to navigate the ever-changing landscape of our industry, address emerging challenges, and seize new opportunities.

In this edition, we unravel the compelling theme of 'Moving the CSR needle: Aligning with the National Priorities'. While CSR remains a critical element in the corporate sphere, the spotlight today is on the people behind these initiatives - our HR professionals and CSR team, the changemakers.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." This sage wisdom resonates in our actions, as we strive to enrich community life, maintain ecological balance, and preserve heritage, driven by a robust environmental conscience.

As HR professionals and members of the CSR team, we are uniquely positioned to identify opportunities for our organisations to make a difference. Our mission is to leverage our resources, skills, and expertise to impact society positively.

The recent past has seen an invigorated focus from the Indian Government on steering CSR activities towards national priorities like Health & Nutrition, Education, Skill Development, and Rural Development. Aligned with this, each of our organisations have been undertaking projects that create a meaningful difference in these areas.

These strides have been possible due to the collaborative efforts of our dedicated HR professionals, especially our CSR team. Today, the role of HR team transcends the traditional boundaries of managing employees and extends into actively fostering a culture of societal responsibility.

This edition of HR Vista Magazine, with its enriching perspectives, is bound to resonate with every reader. The stories, strategies, and ideas curated by the diligent editorial team serve as a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration for us all. I hope that these valuable insights will empower us to learn, grow, and collectively shape a better future.

Happy browsing!

Sujoy Choudhury
Director (P&BD) with additional charge of Director (HR), IndianOil

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