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Sep 08, 2022 9 min read

Culture driven by core values

What drives a company forward? What distinguishes the company from similar ones in the field and what makes it unique?

We could assume that it has to do with the brand value, the way an organization is handling the customers, and overall branding. Or the brand uses specific colors, pictures, and logos that make it unique. Or how about the name of the company? That is unique. But is it?

While that might be the case, in business, today appearances are not everything. The things that create the foundation of any organization are the core value and culture: what the organization believes in, stands for, and is ready to work for. It’s not only the customers that look forward to but the workforce talent also looks to be part of this kind of organization nowadays.

Culture in general means the collection of a group’s beliefs, traits, and behavior that is passed down from generation to generation. And, in corporate those beliefs and traits are the organizational values. Culture is also what people do and how they behave when no one is looking. As values drive the behavior which in turn drives the culture and culture drives the performance of an individual and organization. These are the guiding principles that direct behavior, and actions, and also help people to know what is right or wrong. Strong values help the organization to create an environment where every employee lives by the values of the organization.

Core values provide an inclusive environment:

Value-driven culture creates an inclusive culture, it’s not only the diversity inclusion but also the inclusion of the environment where everyone feels heard, respected, and valued. Sometimes when employees feel that their ideas are shot down, not considered at work, or not given importance, they employees are experiencing an identity threat.
Now when a company’s values are not effective, employees feel they don’t belong here or are unimportant then as a reaction their behavior towards work changes. They stop caring much about the work or people around which will in turn decrease the performance of the individual as well as the organization. Employees are loyal to the organization where values are so effective that it creates a culture where everyone grows.

Core values can improve employee performance:

Performance can increase when employees uphold the principles that are most crucial to the organization. How can you create an atmosphere that inspires your staff? Why would a client want to purchase a business that treats them only as a number rather than as a unique individual? Your culture and values will help you stand out from the competition and provide customers with a reason to trust and support your business. Employees that comprehend and uphold the core values comprehend their function more clearly. They understand the goals and principles of the business that will help them function at their peak.

Core values can improve employee engagement:

Employee commitment, vigor, and focus at work are gauged by their level of engagement. Employees that are disengaged are more likely to put in less effort, are less effective, compromises on efficiency, and might wish to leave your company. Engagement typically rises along with job satisfaction and ambiance at work. The development of a workplace culture based on shared and effective core values can raise engagement. As a result, workers can have greater fulfillment at work. When an organization involves employees in creating its core values, such as through dialogue or polls, the benefits of engagement may be even larger.

Core values can empower the team:

The team can make decisions when an organization creates clear, significant core values. As a result, management is no longer necessary as regularly. Less management oversight is advantageous for the manager, but it also helps employees and customers because they don't have to wait for a process to be approved as long as it adheres to the company's guiding principles.

How do put core values into action?

Put the company's basic principles into practice by employing, coaching, and even terminating employees who violate those standards. You must be able to support them and speak up when their rights are being abused. The foundation of your company's culture is undermined if you are too supple or ambivalent about your key principles. There is no sturdy base.
When your company's core values are upheld at all points of contact, you can be sure that your team is acting and behaving exactly as you would, even when you are not around. In a world, where conducting business digitally and remotely is becoming common, this is crucial.

Core values support Culture:

Well-defined values attract top talent while improving the company's bottom line. Plus, they can make your staff feel that their work is worthwhile. Values also support your marketing and business goals, reflecting how your company relates to its customers and society as a whole. A company’s culture is established by the behavior of all employees by its core principles. This highlights how crucial basic values are in the company. It permeates how people in an organization interact with customers and one another. It's the way a team acts when no one is watching. Furthermore, it is quite evident from the outside that all successful companies have steadfast core beliefs.


Management may optimize the positive and reduce the negative effects on employee job satisfaction by understanding how culture affects employee workplace behavior. Employees who care about their employment, employers, goods, coworkers, and managers are considered to be engaged. Employee perceptions of their jobs, employers, and empowerment—such as taking part in decision-making and implementing workplace changes—are influenced by corporate and ethnic culture.



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Worth reading good one mam

  • 19 Sep 2022


Wonderful article

  • 19 Sep 2022

Supriya S

I completely agree with the part that if company doesn't emphasize their core values on each step and has a sturdy base, it is difficult for employees to understand the gravity of these values and hence they start taking it lightly. In my previous organization, Amazon, the 16 principles are given a lot of importance right from the hiring interviews to the everyday activities, that the values get imbibed by the employees. Very good article! Well done!

  • 26 Sep 2022

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