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A long wait for a Hot cup of Tea

An HR at IOCL by profession, Mr. Karan Gupta is an artist at heart. He is fascinated by the art of storytelling and is an avid theatre enthusiast and loves to bring out real life stories/lessons through his writings

Everyday in life brings with itself a variety of emotions and numerous experiences that either leave a smile on one’s face or end up giving some valuable life lessons. With this aim, we have brought this new section under HR Vista where some daily adventures of one’s professional / official life are brought on this canvas just for a laugh or may be to just strike a thought.

Let’s start our journey with a very interesting story “A long wait for a Hot cup of Tea”

It was a chilly January morning where to reach office at 8 AM amidst heavy Delhi fog was itself a challenge. A crucial meeting was scheduled at 8:30 in the morning with some of the very senior executives attending the meeting.

I was there with all the necessary back-up and suddenly I was told that I would also be attending the meeting. For any junior executive, participation in such big meetings for the first time is always very special moment.

With a lot of anxiety and nervousness, I entered the meeting hall. As everyone was getting settled in their seats, I saw the office boy coming towards me and said, “sir, aap kya lengey” (Sir, what would you have?). I could not understand why he was asking this question to the junior most person in the room and then I realized he (office boy) being a veteran, knows the preferences of all the seniors and need to ask the newcomer about his preference.

Considering the chilly weather outside and my ever active tastebuds, I replied “Bhaiya, Badiya si Masala chai le aana. Aur haan ache se adrak aur ilaichi daal k” (Please bring a Masala Tea. And yes, do ensure that it has ginger and cardamom)

Ofcourse, all my attention shifted to the meeting and then within 10 minutes, the office boy was back and in less than next 5 minutes, he served the respective drinks to all the attendees except me.

I was surprised how come the preparations are that swift and then I realized that all I could see on the table was Green Tea/Lemon Tea/Black Tea/Black Coffee. And I could recollect the words of a collegue in my mind “Remember, once you move to these options, consider that you are on the path on growth”). And somehow his theory seemed very effective, considering my present situation.

The meeting was focused on a single agenda and within 15 minutes, the issue was discussed and actionable points were also finalized and now we were heading towards the close of the meeting. And there was no news about my Masala Tea. Of course with all my briefings of ginger and cardamom, the tea must be taking its sweet time to get ready.

And just when everyone agreed that we close the meeting and I was thinking, now my tea should not come and here, the office boy entered with my Masala Tea. I was too embarrassed to receive it, leave alone drinking it. But to my utter surprise, the senior most executive said “Go on youngster, have your tea. I think we all can stay for 5 more minutes”.

Even after so many years, the day is still fresh in my memories, and I still cherish the long wait for that hot cup of tea!!!


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R N Dubey

Well articulated Karan! Looking forward for more

  • 23 Mar 2022

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