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Dec 13, 2022 6 min read

Story of positive transformation

Author works at the Business Development group at IOCL, Paradip

Embracing the Path: A Story of Leadership, Transformation and Adventure

I’m a rising sun, light that illuminates the world, I am proud IOCian!” to be more precise I’m a strong independent woman having marketing experience of more than 16 years. I was efficient in what I was doing, Things were fine, till "Change" came to visit. I was asked to lead a totally new team / profile for which I did not have extensive domain experience. I was asked to develop and lead a high performing team and contribute to business outcomes.

I was looking for a coach who could hand hold and show me the way. In the meantime, I had feedback from the grapevine that some of the new team members opined that I may not be appropriate person to take on this role. This left me discouraged and doubtful, even though I had lead a high performing team in the earlier role for many years. I felt why am left on my own and shouldn't there be an easy, quick and effective way to tap into industry expertise and leadership.

Then suddenly a light came in darkness, and I have been nominated for prestigious training programme of IIPM which is beautifully curated to develop unique strength in women leaders by understanding their barrier to success and create action plan to overcome them.

A journey of transformation in me through self-realization and personal development, made possible through the collective learning experiences and inspirations provided during the training programme- Aarohi at IIPM. The concepts were purposefully woven together in a format to reinforce the importance of balance across multiple versions of self, highlighting personal development experiences, adventures, and the resultant growth as a person and leader in me. It had led to work-life balance and self- awareness which had contributed development as a leader.

We women executives rarely have an opportunity to come together and share their leadership experiences in a learning environment that has direct relevance and personal impact. Aarohi was designed to create this environment. It addresses leadership issues that affect us, in a forum that hones in on the unique challenges women encounter. It creates a network of today’s senior women leaders, empowering them to take hold of their careers and aim for the top.

I was assigned a personal coach, who has instilled confidence by reiterating that openness and willingness to learn is key and helped in journey of leadership. These were no sessions where we were provided with readymade answers! It led us to explore the things and go in deeper about our self. We shared our own leadership story with peers, and getting fresh eyes on personal challenges, beliefs, as well as hearing perspectives on problems from other women from different backgrounds facing similar issues was a really powerful way to gain confidence in myself and my own journey.

Leadership skills provided encouraged us to find new, innovative ways of developing and managing people. The programme delivered both the analytical, research-based piece and the personal development toolkit that empowers us to dig deeper and build self-awareness. It challenges us to think hard about our self and really explore the depths of personal insecurities as well as strengths. It has allows us to grow from strength to strength.

After few weeks, changes started showing both in personal and professional behaviour, which led to change in team behaviour. They were trusting each other, motivated and helping each other and growing together. This had made me much more confident and enjoyed working with the team and vice versa and working towards the growth of organization.

I feel extremely privileged, grateful and proud to be a part of Aarohi 4.0 Women Leadership Program and sincerely thank team IIPM for such a great training programme and showing us a path of a beautiful journey of leadership.


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