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Dec 13, 2022 8 min read

Prioritizing Mental Health at Work

The author is teaching Yogic Exercise, Mediation Techniques, Art of living Sudarshan Kriya technique under the Guidance of Art of Living Founder H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji since April 2009 and is a certified as Yoga Professional , Ministry of Ayush, Govt of India. The author is actively involved in various social services. The author has conducted and touched upon the life of several thousand people through various Art of living camps at urban & rural areas of Faridabad, Palwal, IOCL Panipat Refinery Township, and Piyala ,BPCL LPG plant, and Directorate General of Hydrocarbons, Noida.

With technological advancement followed by the global pandemic situation we are spending more time in front of the screens than ever before with hybrid working or work from home culture . In today’s age there is unlimited exposure , bombardment of information, which creates the continuous thoughts and emotions inside our minds . This constant thoughts and emotions inside our mind results in constant noise in our heads resulting in anxiety and stress in human physio system. This results in poor decision making due to poor brain waves . The poor brain waves may results in poor sleep, & memory, mental disorders such as Anxiety & depression , lowering of attention span and an inability to act with awareness. This effects the decision making process in case of urgency ! .

It is essential to have intuitive abilities and better decisions making power or soft skills like communications or negotiations.

Often we caught in a chain of thoughts or emotions where we cn imagine scenarios that do not exist or have a low chance of manifesting . There is game play of emotions and thought pattern that keep you tossing up and down and minds totally gets engaged in it. So your mind goes either in past or in future. In the past we regret and for future we get anxious. So out mental health gets effected which in turn effects our body . it effects have intuitive abilities and better decisions making power or soft skills like communications or negotiations.

It is like stretching the rubber continuously without relaxing it. Relaxing the mind is very important . Once mind relaxed then only we can give our energy to the work for good output.

So in today’s world, prioritizing mental health is very important for enjoying every moment of life and growing through it. Prioritizing mental health is important to avoid feeling low. The feeling low results in less enthusiasm to do any thing in life. Sometimes even the basic daily routing also begins to feel heavy and one start avoiding social interactions. So prioritizing mental health is very important nowadays. The attitude towards our life needs to be changed. Are we just here for materialistic gain. A balance approach is needed , need to change the life style .

Prioritizing mental health is nothing but discipling the own life. By applying the disciplines of yoga to the body as well as the mind , we can lead emotionally healthier lives . Some life style practices , breathing exercises known as Prayanama or Sudarshan Kriya can bring the equaminity in the mind. The Bhagavad Gita , an ancient holy scripture of our country says “ Samatvam Yog Uchyate” which means yoga is that which brings equanimity . It’s a well known fact that in every one’s life has ups and down. The ups and down s can come in the form of external events or situations or through persons which results in emotional disorders. The regular practices of Yogic practices eg Asaans , prayanamas,Sudarshan Kriya (a breathing rhythmic practice) , mediations can bring the mind slowly to that state where we are immune to praises , or insult, successes or failures enjoying every moment of life and growing through it. This state of mind should be full of enthusiasm but not of over excitement and unrealistic expectations . Inculcating these qualities in our life is essentially required which can happen when we start practicing yogic practices.

In Patanjali Yoga Sutra : Yogic practices is explained as “Yoga Chitta vritti nirodha” that means that yoga is that which can restrain the thoughts waves . The mind which gets entangled in thoughts patterns needs to be regulated. Awareness of thought pattern is important and once this happens then skill in action develops.

Another definition in Bhagvad gita “ Yogah karmasu kaushalam means skill in action is yoga . What ever we do in the life, it has to be done with skills , to deal with different situations in life or in work. With yogic practices, intuitive abilities develop and one can start making better decisions, be it soft skills like communications or negotiations.

How to develop that :

Through Yogic practices which teaches both physical disciplines (Physical hygiene, Asanas ) and mental disciplines (Yama and Niyamas and Meditations ). When to start : Right now : Attha Yoga Anusasanam.

It helps in improving the level of Serotonin harmone and we feel good. Yogic practices are very ancient and has been practiced since thousands of years. With practice our oxytocin level rises and this creates an upward spiral and move towards positivity. It heals your emotional health and get rids if unwanted thoughts that are unhealthy. Yogic practices heals your physical body, settle body and casual body.

Yogic practices are without any side effects. It has a capacity to heal our emotional disturbances. The healthy flow of energy happens. With health flow of energy , harmony between mind, body and soul happens . It manages the traffic inside our own head.

The various asanas suggested for office sitting personal are , starting from OM chanting, followed by asanas for spine eg pendulum stretches, Marjari asana (Cat stretch) , Ardhachakrasana (Standing backward bend), Hastapadasana (Standing forward bend) , Vakraasana (Spinal twist) , Bhujangaasana (Cobra pose) , Viprit Karni , Bhramari and Nadi Shodhana ( Alternate nostril breathing) etc .

So let us invest you one hour daily to take care of your rest 23 hours. Let us have a harmony between body, mind and soul so as to improve your mental health.


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Vimal Mehrotra

It's very clear from the author's views that one hour in morning yoga session makes our physical and mental health strong.I agree with the same.

  • 16 Dec 2022

Dr Sonal R Mehetaa

Meditation is the one stop solution for everything. V nice!

  • 17 Dec 2022

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