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Dec 13, 2022 7 min read

Kissa Kursi Ka

Author is an Orthopedic surgeon since last 8 years, healing broken bones and dealing patients with joints pain and back pain. He is currently working as Senior Medical Officer at IOCL hospital, Digboi


Post covid, work from home has become a trend which has led to an increase in people complaining of back and neck pain. Even before the covid wave, employees with desk jobs used to be constant sufferers of back and neck problems. A lot of this has to do with the posture and human anatomy. Humans evolved from apes. As we developed from four-legged to two-legged beings, it was the SPINE which had to take the brunt. As the work can’t be neglected, there are certain things which are in our control and which can reduce the discomfort upto some extent.

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It was very appropriate when Dr Jug in Dear Zindagi says, “How many chairs do we check out before we find that one chair?” and draws similarities between choosing the right life-partner and choosing the right chair.[1] If not for all, at least for those office goers who spend maximum of their time on their chair in front of computer.(May be the total number of hours they spend on their chair, throughout their lifetime, exceeds the time spent with their spouse)

Neutral Body Posture

What form does the human body naturally assume when all physical influences, including the pull of gravity, stop affecting it? NASA conducted research using Skylab, America’s first space station.Photos of crew members were taken while they physically relaxed in the microgravity conditions of space. These photos demonstrated that the body automatically entered into a particular posture with certain angles made by the joints and certain positions assumed by the limbs. NASA later published specifications for what it called neutral body posture. [2]The neutral body posture (NBP) is the posture the human body naturally assumes in zero gravity. This offloads musculoskeletal stress and reduces pressure on the diaphragm and spine. Neutral body posture supports the natural curvature of the spine and body achieves equidistant spacing of the vertebrae and an ideal balance in the muscles, tendons and ligaments.

So, here are five features you must look for in your life partner (read ‘Office Chair’):

  1. Adjustable lumbar support: should maintain a healthy lower back curve.

  2. Adjustable armrests: should support elbows and forearms while positioning hands close to the mouse and keyboard.

  3. Reclining backrest: should allow a recline range of 90° to 130° which reduces spinal pressure.

  4. Height of seat: should allow the user’s feet to plant onto the floor or a footrest.

  5. Depth of seat: should be deep enough so that the back of the knees do not touch the front of the seat.

It’s not an easy task to find that one chair and it may take multiple attempts but that should not deter you from keep trying. It may sound a bit harsh but some of us may never find the perfect chair and will have to accept it. So, in that case you need to avoid sitting for prolonged periods and take frequent breaks from sitting or else arrange a standing workstation. And I am sure while you are reading all this, your mind is still imagining the chair as a metaphor of life partner. WAKE UP!!

Along with that, try to do some DESKERCISES in between work such as knee tucks, push up on the desk, wall push ups, wall squats etc. Simple stretching or ‘angdai lena’ also goes a long way in relaxing your muscles. So do that often even if you don’t look as good as Aishwarya or Karishma. Take a frequent stroll down the lobby and stop worrying about what your gossiping fellow colleagues will say about it.

Happy Working!


  1. "Finding the right chair or a right person to love is tough, isn'tit?" Dear Zindagi Take 5 : Find Your Chair





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neelam saroj

Sir, as per your article is very nice. but in real life we sit in office maximum 8 hours and there is not this type of chair available . if our corporation take step to provide chair to all employee for equally this type of manner may be the health future is very bright to our employee. only this type of chair only one in meeting room. last time i wrote HR . but problem persist.

  • 16 Dec 2022

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