Message from Editor In Chief

Dear Readers,

It is an honour and delight for me to take over as Editor-In-Chief of this vibrant platform of HR Vista as the magazine steps into its second year with this edition. We published the first four editions of HR Vista during a year that was undoubtedly one of the most transitional phases of human history - the proverbial New Normal. We were not only dealing with an unprecedented health scourge; the world over, we were witnessing a drastic transformation of mindsets, perceptions, values and work styles. Human lives changed at an unprecedented pace, so Human Resources had to evolve and unearth new tools to help our square perceptions fit into the round holes of reality. The past four HR Vista editions commemorated that fascinating transition journey at modern workplaces that underlined the magical power of human compassion.

This edition of HR Vista is pivotal as it intends to zoom deep into the most vital part of the organisational fabric in the New Normal Aftermath - the Corporate Culture. If we check Marriam Webster's definition of 'Culture', we will see three keywords that explore the essence of Culture: Beliefs, Values and Attitude. Shared Beliefs form the bedrock of organisational Culture and are shaped by history, language, and geopolitical realities. Values emanate out of that intricate network of human beliefs and determine the destiny of any organisation. And Attitude determines how well the team members align with the organisational value system to foster a culture of excellence. This edition of HR Vista brings you an eclectic collection of articles with refreshing perspectives and sharp insights on some of the vital aspects of Corporate Culture.

Let me thank every author who has enriched this edition, themed on "Culture - Fostering Values for Unleashing Human Potential." The subject is vast, complex and profoundly layered. Yet, I am confident that this collection of articles will enrich our readers by lucidly elaborating on vital cultural elements and the ongoing disruptive trends that the Indian corporate world is witnessing.

Before I conclude, let me sincerely thank the most valued members of our HR Vista family - The Readers. Every time you visit our page, it inspires us to dig deeper into the immense intellectual wealth of the Indian HR fraternity and bring you the best. I also look forward to your constructive criticism and feedback to help us make HR Vista bigger and better.

Keep reading, and keep sharing your thoughts.

Happy Reading!

Manish Patil,
Editor-In-Chief, HR Vista & Executive Director (HR), IndianOil