Message from Editor In Chief

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the current edition of HR Vista, where our writers bare their minds and souls on the criticality of mental health at work. HR professionals are responsible for creating a safe and supportive environment for our employees to thrive. And that process begins with appreciating the critical role that mental health plays in the overall well-being of our employees. With the increasing demands of the workplace, prioritizing mental health and ensuring that our employees have the support they need to thrive is more important than ever. Further the era of Covid-19 has taught us the ultimate lesson of how the unpredictability & suddenness of change creates an adverse impact on mental health of employees.

With growing awareness of the impact of mental health on overall productivity, many Indian organizations are taking diligent steps to reach out to employees on the sensitive issue of mental health. Companies recognize the need to prioritize mental health in the workplace, from providing access to mental health resources and creating open and supportive work cultures to implementing empathetic practices and policies. By creating a safe space for employees to discuss their mental health, we can break down the stigma and encourage people to seek the support they need.

As such, it is more important than ever for organizations to provide support and resources for their employees. However, there are still several workplace myths, misinformation, glass ceilings and taboos that we need to rise above if the mental health issue is to be given its due priority. That is where the mutual sharing of ideas and experiences on platforms like HR Vista is so vital. By sharing and learning from each other's experiences, we can nurture that aspirational work culture that recognizes mental well-being as the cornerstone of business sustainability.

Before concluding, let me thank our esteemed readers for their continued support and engagement with HR Vista. Team HR Vista looks forward to your feedback and ideas on how we can continue to improve and provide valuable content for the Indian PSU HR community.

Happy Reading!

Manish Patil,
Editor-In-Chief, HR Vista & Executive Director (HR), IndianOil