Message from Editor In Chief

Dear Readers of HR Vista,

It is pretty remarkable that this edition of HR Vista, on the theme of "Embracing Change and Fostering Transformation", has been unveiled on International Women's Day. It is not an exaggeration to say that women's ascent across the corporate landscape has been the most enduring transformation that we have witnessed in the last decade. Even a couple of decades ago, correcting gender imbalance at the workplace was seen as a social imperative. But the recent trends have established that enhanced women's participation is the essential cornerstone for business success. Thus, as millions of women worldwide strive to #BreakTheBias, let us acknowledge that their struggle is for the betterment of humanity. Women do not need our help; organisations need them to lay the foundations for more sustainable success. A closer look at the PSU eco-system strengthens that belief further. Today, Indian PSUs are driven by women leaders who volunteer for challenging assignments, move across geographies with elan, and constantly challenge the cultural status quo to embrace diversity. These women are truly showing the way for the upcoming new generation leaders.

The first part of this edition of HR Vista celebrates the role of women as transformational change agents and is enriched by the powerful insights of women. We are grateful to the exceptional women authors from corporate and academia who have penned their thoughts for us. The second part of the edition will be a mix of articles from all contributors.

Let me also take this opportunity to share that the core of modern HR is all about managing and encouraging change. Businesses become unsustainable despite tremendous short-term success because individuals and teams tend to fall prey to 'comfort zones'. Intriguingly, humans are hardwired to mark their zones of comfort and not venture out. The paradox is, staying confined to no-risk zones pushes us back in the race of evolution. Thus, since time immemorial, humans have valued the forces that have driven them to chase new benchmarks of excellence. Similarly, in an organisational context, HR's job is to inspire change and not merely check compliances. I am sure that this edition of HR Vista will throw enough light on the sensitive aspects of change.

I would request the entire Indian HR fraternity to browse this edition and share their feedback with the editorial team. I am also particularly keen to hear from the Women Leaders of the Indian PSU HR fraternity.

My best wishes to you all of you and happy browsing!

S K Bose, Editor-In-Chief, HR Vista and Executive Director (HR), IndianOil